West Virginia State University 

West Virginia State University (WVSU) is a historically black public institution with land grant status.  WVSU is “a living laboratory of human relations,” with a community of students, staff, and facilities committed to academic growth, service, and racial and cultural diversity preservation.  The university’s environment makes for the desired setting to facilitate STEM learning opportunities in central and southern West Virginia. 

Project Description:

The NASA Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL) program was created as one component of an authentic experiential program to provide a technology-rich environment to increase participation and retention of historically underrepresented K-12 youth in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or STEM fields. 

It emerged in the efforts to increase the participation of historically underserved K-12 youth in the areas of STEM. Established as a joint venture in 1993 between NASA Glenn Research Center and Cuyahoga Community College, the project grew from a single site to a national organization supported by Congress in dedication to improving children’s academic success nationwide and later renamed MUREP MAA; https://www.nasa.gov/stem/murep/MAA/index.html

Today, WVSU continues to harness NASA’s STEM opportunities for youth and adults by offering a five-core component program to include 1) curriculum enhancement activities (CEAs) and inventory supplies aligned to k-12 to provide authentic STEM teaching and learning experiences 2) NASA AEL and Creator’s Innovation Makerspace (CIM) 3) family involvement, 4) professional development for formal and informal (youth-serving organizations) educators, and 5) community and school outreach.

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