One of the many ways we ignite learning is through Expeditionary Learning activities in which youth spend most of their time engaged in sustained, in-depth studies of a single theme or topic.

The Journeys Take Shape

A learning expedition is developed from idea to project. These project unify and ignite learning by calling for actions to produce specific outcomes that tackle real world problems using real world scenarios.

Preparation for the Expeditions

A driving question best prepares participants for practical projects. Over time, students take on an array of tasks and experiences that develop their knowledge and skills. Teachers and facilitators cultivate their thinking and analyzing skills through a variety of methodologies and approaches so they get the most out of their experience. Most important, preparation for sophisticated work relies on the development of a strong learning culture with a common vision and experience.

The use of fieldwork and service provide a new set of norms. Participants automatically reach for clipboards and mobile devices. Fieldwork allows for immersion into a topic, deeper investigation and research, team-building, and adventure—as they find their way through a multitude of logistics, conditions, limitations to discovery of resources. Put simply, its a hands-on/minds-on approach that allow participants to venture out to answer questions and follow leads that cannot be looked up in textbooks. A field trip to the lab or using one of our mobile labs in the field gives such an experience. Interested? below are our…

Forms & Documents to Get You On Your Way

Below are links to the various online documents.  The surveys are for participants that are engaged in short and long term activities (4th-12th grade). For adult workshop/seminar participants and WVSU CASTEM NASA applicants; PK-12th grade participants. 
Adult Sign In 
Adult & Teacher Survey 
Application- K-12th Grade participants 
Interest Form 
Post Survey (4th-12th Grade) 
Pre-Survey (4th-12th Grade Participants) 
Teacher Sign In 
Youth Sign In 
Youth Survey