We dream of what lies ahead by reflecting on what happened before. Reflection is about students becoming aware of their own thinking processes, and being able to voice that it to others. When students and teachers reflect, they will be able to identify:

  • what the learning goals are
  • what they learned
  • the gap
  • the learning culture and/or process
  • what needs to happen to fill the gap

By modeling reflection, it becomes an effective tool to help them describe their thinking to close the gap between what they know and what they need to know. When youth become reflective they increase their own capacity to learn. Simply put, the reflective process helps them focus on their own values, interests and abilities to begin to map out their future for what lies ahead.

Each of our curricula provide particpants an opportunity to reflect, through class or group discussions, journal writing or notebook keeping. To learn about what we offer for that journey, take a look at our…

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