We are touching base with you to see what STEM activities, classes, workshops, tours/presentations, professional development, outreach activities or inventory needs that you have interest in. Please let me know what you want and when. We are happy to help!

Not sure, review the link below. Still not sure, just call us or write by leaving a reply at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in something not listed on the website below, please ask.  If you already have something in mind and its not listed, just ask.   We have almost three quarters of a million in inventory and that much inventory goes towards more activities than we can actually list.  In fact, just in the last year we have received a lot of new curriculum and inventory in the domains of engineering and electronics with a wide variety of themes and at all grade levels.  

If you are wondering whether the curriculum offerings are aligned to standards?  No worries, we use curriculum from the curriculum developers you trust: MIT, NASA, 4H, Teach Engineering, etc.  

How about Professional Development for certified educators and informal educators?  We are continuously incorporating various ways for you to receive professional development in ways that are convenient and effective.  As an example, the following have online PD: 

  • Journey to Mars and Aeronautics along with 37 other activities including NASA GLOBE,
  • Kites, 
  • Pumpkin Drop, 
  • Makerbot, 
  • Wearable Tech,  
  • Rube Goldberg Inventions,
  • and a variety of STEM challenges that include; but, are not limited to drones and robots.

Your students and K-12 youth participants will enjoy building things that  operate in the air, on the land and in the water. And don’t forget about Starlab!  No matter how our PD takes place, whether through digital badges or certificates of completion we support that learning with the accompanying inventory.

Why put your entire budget in inventory when we can help?

To make things faster and easier on you to receive our free services,  we have created the “It’s  Easy as 1-2-3!”  system.

  1. Sign the acceptance of service agreement online or in person.
  2. Receive the services and fill out the online group enrollment form (just an overview of the activities and demographics- No more applications or student demographic forms, YEAH!)
  3. If evaluations are agreed upon, you will receive an evaluation(s) that can be filled out anytime, anywhere on any device while on or offline. No email accounts necessary. Or simply send us a summary of your assessment/evaluation findings of learning gain and impact.

That’s all and it’s that easy! Please let us know what you want and when by filling out the reply section at the bottom of this page, so we can get you on the schedule as we book up fast!

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